Jared (aka Romeo) (dark_tyrant) wrote in lightoftruth,
Jared (aka Romeo)

Not The Usual ME

I am by no means a poet, lol, nor do I have some great aspiration for it... but every once in a while you just have to write. So I sat down, this had been in my head all day... at least the truth behind it. Don't laugh too hard.

I look around and what do I see,
So many people encompassing me,
Feeling down, and crowded for space
I look up, a tear falls down my face,
Should I feel joyous, cheerful, or glad?
I tell thee nay, for popularity alone is empty,
Hopelessly I am left, feeling quite lonely.

Perhaps a new job, title, or car?
Objects and possessions, these have I gained,
Oh many too many things to be named!
Riches and power despite the cost,
Alas though, I've found these things vain,
Is there nothing to be found to ease my pain?
Hopeless again and feeling lost.

Laying in bed, thinking these thoughts,
I turn to my side and to my despair,
I see... my Bible lying there,
With a wearisome hand I reach out and touch it,
reading it something catches my eye,
holding my bible, all I can do is cry.

What joy I had long forgotten!
That is, of my Salvation!
What Christ did for us on Calvary,
Is enough to keep me from being lonely,
His love and tender hand to guide me,
Why did I turn from Him to pain?
For riches, honor, glory, and fame?

Refreshed and anew I now am all right,
Ready to face the next dawn's light,
Laying my Bible aside I stand and walk away,
Bound and determined to make it right,
A humbled soul, oh, what a glorious sight!
Before God I stand ready to walk...
But where is my Bible?

A Bible lies on the floor gathering dust,
There it remains, I'll just it ignore,
For something caught my eye...
If I can just have these to friend,
At the cost of even my standards to bend,
Maybe if I could get a new car...
And if that does not do it, then more!
My Bible still lies... on the floor.

And the vicious cycle begins again... Isn't this true in many Christians lives... you can't live your life for God by only picking your Bible up and dusting it off every Sunday. I am more so now than ever resolved to read my Bible.
Inspired by: Psalm 51:12

Current Mood: contemplative
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